Tip to Manage Plantar Fascitis

Friday, Feb 10,2017

What is Plantar Fascitis?

Plantar Fascitis is the inflammation that occurs on a rubbery structure that runs from the heel to the toes. Main function of the structure is to bear weight and co-ordinate the small muscles of your foot. 

What Causes Plantar Fascitis?

Some of the causes of Plantar Fascitis are:

  • Overweight
  • Poor Posture
  • Uncomfortable or restrictive footwear such as safety shoes or high heels
  • Long working hours, especially if they involve standing or walking 
  • Exercises that put stress on heel, such as deadlifts 
  • Daily stress
  • Extreme Low Arches & Extreme High Arches
  • Heel Spurs (a bony growth on the heel) 

What Are Some Symptoms?

Some symptoms for Plantar Fascitis include: 

  • Pain on the inside of the heel on one or both feet
  • It can also be a burning pain that extends up to your calf & knee 
  • Sharp pains on the heel of the foot 
  • Pain typically worsens after prolonged standing, later in the evening or in the morning. 
  • The first step in the morning, or after sitting for extended hours is usually painful. This will typically lessen as you begin to walk. 

How Can You Manage This?

While physiotherapy treatment and orthotics are the best way to reduce the pain, there is a lot you can do at home or on a daily basis to help reduce the pain. 

On a daily basis ensure you: 

  • Wear comfortable, supportive shoes. 
  • Use ice on the heel for ONLY 10 minutes, 3 times a day 
  • Use a frozen waterbottle to massage your feet
  • Do calf stretches (please check future posts for some stretches and more updates
  • See your physiotherapist

If the pain still doesn't lessen, maybe it's time for you to take a vacation.

Work less hours and come visit us at Alpha Physiotherapy & Rehab! :) 


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