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Alpha Physio Acupuncture clinic is one of the affordable and multi-specialty Acupuncture Clinic in Brampton, Etobicoke, Milton and Caledon. The acupuncture treatment is typically done to promote general health, and reduce or relieve pain.

We are proud to be voted the best acupuncturist in Brampton. 

Our acupuncture Clinic in Milton, Ontario treats a wide array of health issues including sports injuries, car accident injuries, WSIB, back pain and much more. Acupuncture is one of the oldest recorded methods of medicine having been used for over 3000 years in China. Modern science has demonstrated that acupuncture stimulates the brain to produce natural endorphins. This will help the body in healing itself and providing pain relief.
This method is a very safe method in alternative medicine and is regulated by the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario. Our providers are registered and committed to giving you the highest in quality, care and safe treatment.

What is Acupuncture Treatment?

Acupuncture  is known to reduce pain, reduce swelling, and help to improve blood circulation. Acupuncture assists the body to heal naturally, without requiring surgeries and other invasive procedures. Acupuncture is also known for improving the homeostasis of the body. 

Is Acupuncture Treatment Painful?

It is not the same as receiving an injection. The needles are very refined and flexible, barely as thick as a single human hair. Generally, if the acupuncturist is highly experienced, you will feel little to no pain. Most of our patients find the treatment to be relaxing and generally fall asleep during.

Is it Necessary for Needles to be Placed All Over my Body?

It depends on the individual being treated and whether or not it would be effective to be on all of your body. Generally the needles must be placed near areas that require treatment. Your nerves that supply that area will be targeted during the treatment as well and that strategy for acupuncture is often complex but needed.

Are Acupuncture Needles Safe?

Yes, the needles used at Alpha Physiotherapy & Rehab acupuncture clinic are safe. We ensure that all of our needles used are pre-sterilized, disposable, and come individually packaged. This procedure is customized according to your age, size and the area that needs treatment; regardless of the specific treatment, it is one of the safest procedures to have done.

Does Acupuncture Treatment Hurt?

You may feel a tiny prick, almost like someone tapping you, when the needles pass through the skin, but most individuals do not experience any pain at all. 

Are There any Side Effects?

There are no drugs used for the acupuncture procedure; therefore, your chances of suffering from any allergic reactions or side effects are zero. 

Will I Benefit from Acupuncture Treatment?

Acupuncture has been proven to heal individuals who suffer from a variety of medical conditions or disorders. Some of those disorders include: